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American Choppers is Back

I’m really excited for people to see the show, and it’s been really great to be filming again. The special aired on March 1st, but you can still see it on Discovery.

In the meantime, Discovery did an original video series called Behind the Bike about us, our best builds, our “family bonding” moments and the celebrities we’ve worked with. View the episode here.
The regular American Chopper series will air on Discovery later this spring, likely May. We’ll keep everyone posted and we hope you enjoy the special.

Thank you as always for your support.

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Skil Bike


Tough and sleek, this is one of the coolest bikes, period! The stance is unbelievable, and truly has character. The folks at SKIL must be happy to see such an incredible machine built to represent their solid brand. The mix of industrial and raciness makes for a very hot-hod feel. The SKIL Bike came together smoothly, showing off the synergy of the team at Paul Jr. Designs.

Rock Steady Bike


RoadLok Bike


Tough locks can only be represented by a tough bike. The theme is obvious, and the result is unbelievable. Paul and his team created a perfect complement to RoadLok's philosophy of making tough, quality products for their valuable customers.



QUBX has brought forth incredible new technology for cloud-based computing, and Paul Jr. Designs was faced with the challenge of bringing out the essence of the high-tech product QUBX is promoting. Once again the PJD team pulled off an impeccable representation of QUBX technology and what it signifies for the future of the Internet. Flowing curves, ultra high-tech aesthetics, and integration of technology the likes of which are not usually seen on vehicles make for a spectacular design.

Newmont Bike


Mining for gold is no child’s play, and it can be lucrative. But how does one create a bike that represents a gold-mining company? Leave it to Paul and the crew to come up with yet another stunner! Integrating mining equipment and depictions of mining machines, combined with another beautiful work of art from Nub, the Newmont Mining bike screams of class, speed and prestige. Another home run from Paul Jr. Designs!

March of Dimes Bike


Lamar Construction commissioned Paul Jr. Designs to build a bike to be raffled off to raise money for the March of Dimes and to raise awareness for the charity. And because the color of March of Dimes is purple, the chopper would have to be as well -- except that purple is a notoriously difficult color to work with. The combination of Nub's incredible sense for color and the smooth, sleek curves the PJD team created make this bike stunning.

Loopster Bike


GEICO Armed Forces Bike


This bike kicked off a new season of American Chopper with GEICO's tribute to the Honor, Sacrifice and Loyalty of the five branches of the military. As a tribute to the people of the armed forces, representing their spirit and will to serve, the design of this GEICO bike takes on a different feel from previous military themes.

Gears of War Trike


Gears of War takes RPG gaming to new heights, so the custom ride that represents the game had to be just as intense. Leave it to the team at Paul Jr. Designs to come up with this amazing beast. The most fantastical PJD vehicle so far, the Gears of War Trike truly instills the insanity of Gears of War game play. Mechanically the trike was a new challenge for the team, but even with limited time, Paul and the guys pulled off a remarkable design and build.



Fingerprint Identification Systems Technology, or FIST, is a leader in identity solutions, and when it comes to high tech, there isn't much higher you can go. The FIST Bike had to represent the high-tech nature of the FIST system and capture the drive of the people behind the company. Yet another Paul Jr. Designs winner with stunning looks and details.

Ferrari Bike




The FARO bike is a statement of experience and vision. With no pre-build drawings to work from, the entire bike was conceived on the fly -- and without the client having a clue as to what the final bike would look like. But given the Paul Jr. Designs team’s years of experience and professionalism, the end result left the client stunned. The FARO bike breaks away from the chopper theme and revels in handling geometry. It is sleek, long, and modern -- fitting for a high-technology client like FARO.

Dekalb Bike


Some will remember this bike as the one that almost earned Brendon some hurt from the rest of the shop as a result of the air hammer beater he needed to make the tank. Seems it was worth the headaches, with all that effort and noise resulting in a super-sleek design reflective of the old-school board tracker layout. Following the traditional scheme, there are no big tires this time, front suspension is a leaf-spring rig, the overall feel is sparse and clean, and the even seat set-up got a special treatment!

Cranky Ape Bike


The power of auctions comes to the powersports industry, and to turn the spotlight on the leading auction house for powersports, Paul Jr. Designs built them a killer bike. Who are they?, and to showcase their powerful auction website, the PJD team purchased a FatBoy on so they could do a bolt-on dresser custom to be sold for charity.

Cepheid Bike


Cepheid products use genetics to diagnose and determine disease and infection. This is incredibly high-tech medical technology takes medicine into the 22nd century, and this bike had to somehow represent the medical aspect, the advanced technology and the actual Cepheid product, the GeneXpert. Once again, without using any drawings or pre-planning, Junior and the team created the clinically coolest bike ever!

Black Widow Bike


Fans of American Chopper know the Black Widow Bike well -- it was the first bike that Junior and Vinnie worked on together, and it launched Chopper as a series in 2003. Paulie’s signature bike also featured prominently in his settlement with Senior. Behold the Black Widow after 10 years of storage at OCC and before the Paul Jr. Designs team made it over.

Bebop Trike


Azeroth Choppers: Team Horde


In conjunction with Blizzard Entertainment, Paul Jr. assembled two handpicked teams of bike experts to bring to life two choppers inspired by World of Warcraft®'s two warring factions: Alliance and Horde. Team Horde created a chopper with a very aggressive stature, starting with the 3-inch-tall chain front wheel flowing into a tusk front end and ending with spiked fenders. In the end, it was the menacing Team Horde Bike that the public chose to have in-game.

Azeroth Choppers: Team Alliance


In conjunction with Blizzard Entertainment, Paul Jr. assembled two handpicked teams of bike experts to bring to life two choppers inspired by World of Warcraft®'s two warring factions: Alliance and Horde. Team Alliance created a smooth, elegant but still aggressive chopper with swords flowing up to a shield and an articulated-armor gas tank made of aluminum and brass. Although the public chose the Horde Bike to be offered free in-game, in August 2014 Blizzard announced the Alliance Bike would also be made available -- for a fee.

9/11 Memorial Bike


This second Sept. 11-themed bike was inspired by the 9/11 Memorial Bike built on American Chopper. It was raffled in January 2012 to raise money for the memorial.

2011 Build-Off Bike


In 2011, Paul Jr., Jesse James and Paul Sr. went head to head in the ultimate builder showdown. Paul Jr. chose to style the PJD bike with inspiration drawn from the classic P-51 Mustang fighter plane. Featuring a retro board tracker layout, this bike picks up cues that reflect the classic styles of WWII airplane designs. Details abound on this bike, which -- through the popular vote -- won the Chopper Live build-off.